Collaborate to Innovate

ASBL, a contract research organization (CRO), works in state-of-the-art pre-clinical and bioanalytical facilities to empower our mission to serve the human and animal health care companies by constant improvement in its capabilities and capacities to conduct high-quality research. ASBL believes in the constant upgradation of personnel, facilities, and equipment which makes ASBL as an energy-efficient and cost-competitive research organization.
We would like to invite our prospective clients to visit the ASBL facilities and to meet our scientific team. To schedule a visit, you can contact us through mail (bd@asblifesciences.com) or call us at +91 888-650-8833.

  • Quality Systems 

         - Maintenance of optimal environmental conditions for housing of animals as per CPCSEA
         - Procurement of animals from certified vendors
         - Periodic animal health monitoring
         - Feed, water and Bedding material analysis as per SOP
         - Ethical efforts to avoid pain and distress to animals subjected to experimentation as well as 
           use of Anesthesia and Euthanasia as per CPCSEA guidelines 
         - Bio-waste disposal as per recommendations of State Pollution Control Board   
         - Appropriate measures instituted to ensure safety of personnel working in animal facility

  • Certifications and Compliances

         - Registered with CPCSEA and constituted IAEC 
         - Institutional Bio Safety Committee (IBSC) registered under DBT 
         - EMS (Environment Management System  as per ISO 14001) 
         - QMS (Quality Management System) as per ISO 9001:2008

  • State-of-art GLP complaint Bioanalytical/ Analytical facility equipped with high-end instrumentation such as Mass Spectrometers, Gas and Liquid Chromatographs. 
  • Quantitative bio-analysis of active drugs, natural compounds and metabolites in biological fluids such as plasma, serum, whole blood, urine
  • Experienced in developing Bioanalytical assays for NCEs and large molecules like peptides and proteins
  • Expertise in developing and validating Bio-analytical method for Complex molecules, Chiral molecules, Derivatization techniques, Conjugates and Un-conjugates
  • Method Development: as per Quality by Design (QbD) and latest regulatory requirements.
  • Method Validation: As per ICH, USP/USFDA, ANVISA, MCC and TGA requirements or as per customer defined protocol
  • Part-11 Compliance Software
  • Experience of more than 1000 Bioequivalence studies for various regulatory submissions i.e. (USFDA, UK, EU, ANVISA, MoH Turkey, TGA, WHO and Canada etc)


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